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A Christmas Tale: Sorting the Facts

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This is older blog of ours, but no less relevant today...

It's all so familiar: Mary and Joseph, the trip to Bethlehem, no room at the inn, Jesus' birth in a stable, the visitation by the Magi, and the guiding star in the heavens that led them to the infant king...

But now, 2000+ years after the birth of Jesus, people are not satisfied with the stories. Historical documentation is lacking, and this seems to be a big stumbling block for those minds who want PROOF! See our blog below, where we discuss the Nativity...but first, here's an article in the popular press that addresses the issues for a skeptical public: A Christmas Tale: How Much of the Nativity Story Is True? by Tia Ghose.

A few snippets:

"From the birth of Jesus in a manger to the Star of Bethlehem, the classic details of the Nativity story show up in Christmas pageants and storefront windows everywhere. But how may of those details are rooted in history?

" 'My overall take on this, which would be the opinion of most other biblical scholars as well, is that there is very little in the Christmas story of the Gospels that is historically reliable,' said Brent Landau, a religious studies scholar at the University of Texas at Austin.

"But others argue that biblical scholars hold Jesus' birth story to an impossible historical standard, and since Jesus was a minor (at the time) historical figure born in a Roman backwater, it's impressive that any evidence for his life and death exists at all..."

Click to read the article

Let's Check the Urantia Revelation

Of course, Urantia Book readers have no such misgivings. Those of us who have read The Urantia Book know a story that is presented in rich detail about those long-ago events, details that, while not all that different from the popularly accepted story, finally make good sense of it all. And the Urantia Book story contains that unmistakable "ring of truth" that truthseekers always report when talking about this amazing revelation.

Let's take the points in the article, one at a time:

#1: "Most scholars agree that Jesus probably wasn't born in A.D. 1."  

"Likewise, almost no one thinks Dec. 25 was Jesus' actual birthday."

The Urantia Book pinpoints Jesus birthdate as August 21, 7, B.C.

Click here to read more about that date that we are given in The Urantia Book. Written by a Urantia Book scholar, it is a great treatise on this important subject, and will appeal to truthseekers who really want to know when Jesus was actually born.

#2: " historical records attest to such trips by any Magi..."

#3: "For 2,000 years, countless people have tried to find astronomical anomalies that correspond to the Star of Bethlehem."

Click to read about the "priests from Ur," and also about the striking astronomical conjunctions of planets that occurred around that time, and how these events became connected in the minds of the poeple of the time. Remember, these people had no written documents, but instead passed information on through word-of-mouth alone.

#4: "no historian mentions the "slaughter of the innocents," in which Herod allegedly killed all boy babies under age 2 in Bethlehem..."

Click to read about the massacre of the infants, which actually numbered 16.

#5: "Historians tend to agree that Joseph and Mary were unmarried at the time of Jesus's conception – a key point for those who believe in the Virgin Birth. "

Click to read about the marriage of Mary and Joseph.


CLICK HERE For the complete story of all the events and the personalities involved in the momentous bestowal of the Creator Son of God into our world.

And this is but the first chapter of the complete Life and Teachings of Jesus that is found in Part IV of The Urantia Book. Written by celestial personalities who drew upon eyewitness accounts of beings who were present during Jesus' life, Part IV of The Urantia Book is a must-read for anyone who desires a fuller, more accurate picture of Jesus and his amazing life.

And it's not only the nativity story that is covered in such detail. Read, and be amazed; read, and be inspired; read, and get to know Jesus as you've never seen him before.

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