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Young man spends day in the hills with God

One Day Alone With God by Del ParsonEARTH, APRIL 5, AD 30 Today celestial overseers watched the events unfolding upon Earth with great interest. It was a day of rest for the Master, and he announced there at the camp at Gethsemane that he would spend this day alone in the hills. As Jesus was about to leave, a young mortal named John Mark offered him a basket of food and water. Jesus smiled and reached to take the basket, which John Mark held tightly. “Master,” said John Mark, “I will carry this for you. You may set it down and forget it. Besides, I will be silent and you can pray without concern for it.”

There they stood, both John and Jesus holding the basket, and finally Jesus said: “Since you crave to be with me with all your heart, you shall go with me.” When they left, some at the camp were lonely for Jesus and wished they could change places with John Mark. But Nathaniel declared: “We are too halfhearted in our desires, we do not love the Master as he loves us. John Mark insisted, he would not release the basket, so Jesus took him and the basket into the hills with him.”

Jesus advises the youth

Jesus spoke to John Mark at length about the effect family life has upon the development of young persons. Jesus pointed out that the friend of John Mark named Amos had also wanted to go with Jesus, but his parents refused their consent.

“You are the product of a home of wise love,” said Jesus. “I know I can depend upon you. But Amos did not have a home life that would produce a dependable person. You will be happy and dependable because the first eight years of your life were spent in a happy, supportive home. You have known wise love.

“The entire afterlife of individuals is affected by the family and early up­bringing. Such a home enhances religion, and true religion always glorifies a home. It is the responsibility of earthly fathers to so live and order their homes that the word ‘father’ becomes enshrined in a young person’s mind.” Before they returned to camp, Jesus admonished John Mark to “tell no person” about the things they had discussed.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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