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Tomb of Jesus is Empty!

Mary tells the apostles she has seen Jesus

Five women claim to have seen Jesus!


The tomb of Jesus is empty, and an unconfirmed report that Jesus of Nazareth was seen by five women has shattered the calm of the city of Jerusalem. The events, as disclosed by Mary Magdalene and verified by the others, were set into motion in the early morning hours this Sunday. About three thirty this morning the five women set out to the tomb of Jesus to anoint the body properly since it had been hastily buried before sundown on Friday. Included in the party were: Mary Magdalene; Mary, the mother of the Alpheus twins; Salome, mother of John and James Zebedee; Joanna, wife of Chuza; and Susanna, daughter of Ezra of Alexandria. At the Damascus gate, on the way to the tomb, a large number of soldiers and guards ran past them toward the city in great haste. The women paused for a few minutes, and when nothing else developed, they continued on.

Stone rolled away, tomb is empty

Magdalene says that when they arrived at the tomb they were surprised to see the stone had been rolled away. The tomb faces east and the early light of dawn faintly illuminated the interior. Mary walked around the smaller stone and entered the tomb. She says the sepulcher was empty, that the grave clothes were undisturbed, but the body of Jesus was gone. Magdalene says the linen sheet lay at the foot of the burial niche. She cried out in fear and dismay when she saw that the body was not there. Her companions, upon hearing her cry, ran away. They were almost to the Damascus gate before they regrouped and returned. Mary Magdalene led them inside the tomb and all saw it to be empty. The women sat outside the tomb and speculated on the situation. It seemed to them that someone had removed the body, possibly to put it in another resting place. But the bandages were apparently intact on the burial shelf and this was confusing. At that point they saw a male figure standing in the garden, his back to the light.

Women claim that Jesus appeared

Mary Magdalene rushed up to the stranger, thinking that he was the custodian of the garden. “Where have you taken the Master? Where have they laid him? Tell us that we may go and get him.” The stranger was silent for a short period, and then said: “Whom do you seek?” And Magdalene answered: “We seek Jesus, who was laid to rest in Joseph’s tomb, but he is gone. Do you know where they have taken him?” The man said: “Did not this Jesus tell you that he would die, but that he would rise again?” The women were astonished at these words. Then the stranger said: “Mary.”

Magdalene says: “Then I knew. It was Jesus. I shouted: ‘My Lord and my Master!’ and fell at his feet. I tried to embrace them but he cautioned me not to touch him, that he had not yet ascended to his Father. He told me: ‘Go tell my apostles and Peter that I have risen, and that you have talked to me.’”

The apostles don’t believe the story

The five women hurried to the home where ten of the apostles were hiding to report that Jesus had risen. (Thomas is said to be depressed and is grieving in Bethphage.) When Peter heard that the Master had mentioned his name, he left in great haste followed by John Zebedee. The other apostles simply would not believe the story.

Annas, a high priest emeritus, appeared shaken when he visited the empty tomb of Jesus of Nazareth

Annas visits the empty tomb

Annas, a high priest emeritus, appeared to be shaken when he visited the empty tomb of Jesus of Nazareth. He refused to comment about the situation.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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