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The spiritual power of a Jewish tutor touched many souls in Corinth

Jesus TeachingCORINTH, AD 23

An extensive search for the “Jewish tutor” has yielded an extraordinary trail of inspired souls. Yesterday several individuals related stories of their encounters with this teacher. Reports indicate the tutor has left Corinth for Athens. A brief description of the discussions held with the traveling philosopher was compiled just prior to press deadline. The names of some of these people are being withheld at their request.

A miller said the tutor told him that personal experience was the best religion to teach others. “He said to grind up the grains of truth in the mill of personal experience and then people would find them helpful and accessible.”

A Mithraic leader said that the tutor told him of a religion of sublime self-respect, independent of man-made mysteries. “He claimed that God lives within each soul… each human being. He told me if we are true sons of God we shall aspire to be like the Creator.”

Dorant, an Epicurean teacher, was enthusiastic about the experience: “He taught me that all the delight and pleasure a person could find in the beautiful and good on the physical level, was nothing compared to the joy of seeking God. This is the most precious and worthy pleasure of all, the search for God and the desire to be like him.”

Zyero, a local Greek contractor, said that the tutor admired his structures, but cautioned balance. “He said that there are mansions of the soul to be built, and that the mightiest city of all is built by God on the foundations of truth and righteousness.”

A Roman judge said he was taught to pass judgment as he himself would wish to be judged. “There is a spirit of the law as well as a letter of the law, and the spirit of the law is the light that guides mercy and modulates pure justice.”

Aegeus, local inn mistress, told of the wonderful spirit of service the tutor had inspired in her. “Nothing is drudgery to one who serves the souls of humankind and appeals to the God within them to help them enlighten their minds with truth.”

A traveler from Britain reported that he has learned to commune with the spirit within. “I know that a sincere effort to do this meets with certain success. Many great transactions take place beyond the human grasp, in the superconscious regions of our minds.”

DORANT: “No pleasure so great as the joy of seeking God.”

ZYERO: “There are mansions of the soul to be built.”

AEGEUS: “Nothing is drudgery to one who serves the souls of humankind.”

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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