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Seaside tent city swells to 1500


Nearly five months of relative quiet has many speculating that Jesus has elected to restrict his ministry and avoid the hostile elements of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the followers of Jesus have developed a massive tent city with an elaborate hospital by the seaside here. Evangelist candidates are trained, the ill are treated and cared for, and a general feeling of brotherhood prevails. Since May, there have been over one thousand visitors from all parts of the empire, even from east of the Euphrates River. It is said that no one is ever turned away.

A great variety of teaching takes place, mostly from Simon Peter and James Zebedee. Over one hundred evangelists have been trained. A son of a nobleman who benefitted from the famous “distance healing” of Jesus in Capernaum is a student at the school. Few converts have resulted from the healings, it has been observed. Of the nearly seven hundred made well at the famous “sundown healing,” only seven are to be found among the students of the gospel here. The hospital is said to be a model of order and sanitation. It is run by one Elman, a Syrian physician, assisted by a staff of twenty-five women and twelve men. Elman claims no miracle cures take place, but many claim rather astounding recoveries. Elman attributes the apparent spiritual transformations to be the result of faith-dominated people who expect to become well, and who enjoy the presence of Jesus, whose strong and positive personality seems to banish fear and destroy anxiety.

Jesus has spoken only once at the synagogue during the summer and has conducted public services here less than a dozen times. He spends much time alone in the hills in meditation and worshipful communion.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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