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Joseph and Mary returned to Nazareth after an absence of three years

Joseph and Mary returned to Nazareth after an absence of three yearsNAZARETH, OCTOBER, 4 BC

After an absence of over three years, a local couple has returned to their home in Nazareth. Mary and Joseph are accompanied by their first- born, a three-year-old child named Jesus. Among the family’s possessions is a copy of the Scriptures in Greek translation, complete with the law and the prophets and the Psalms. This is the second such document in Nazareth and is considered quite valuable. “We are delighted to be back,” stated Joseph, who is anxious to resume his trade as a carpenter. “We will permit people to examine the Scriptures in our home,” he added.

Joseph explained the Scriptures were provided by a family in Memphis, descendants of Ikhnaton. “They were a gift to our son Jesus. When he is six, he will be given full possession of them.” When asked why the child was given such a valuable gift, Joseph was vague, referring to the young lad as a “child of promise.” The couple had resided in Alexandria since visiting Bethlehem to comply with the registration requirements of the Roman Empire. It is not known why the couple suddenly moved to Egypt, nor why they did not return sooner.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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