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Jesus stuns crowd in new healing incident

Jesus heals the man with palsy by Alexandre Bida


An unexpected visitor literally descended upon Jesus as he gave a farewell sermon at the Zebedee home just before disbanding the Bethsaida camp. The paralyzed man was lowered by his friends by ropes from the roof into the gathering of Jesus and his apostles, startling the onlookers. The man apologized for the intrusion, and pledged to serve the kingdom if only his body could be made well. Jesus replied, “Son, fear not; your sins are forgiven. Your faith shall save you.” Loud objections of blasphemy were raised by six Pharisees from Jerusalem, and Jesus answered: “Why do you judge me? What is the difference to say, your sins are forgiven, or arise, take up your bed and walk? But you who witness this may finally know that the Son of Man has authority and power on earth to forgive sins.” At that very moment the man arose, and walked out of the house as the crowd parted for him.

Very soon messengers arrived urging the six Pharisees to return to Jerusalem to report. Only three of the six decided to depart for Jerusalem. The other three aligned themselves with Jesus and were forthwith baptized and joined the followers of the Master. Religious authorities in Jerusalem have refused to confirm or deny this report.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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