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Jesus is scourged and mocked

Jesus is scourged


Jesus was subjected to a brutal scourging this morning, after which he was presented to the crowd by Pilate. At least one observer also notes that the process was illegal, since scourging is allowed by Roman law only after conviction and prior to crucifixion. Pilate has not yet ruled upon the fate of Jesus.

Guards mock “king of the Jews”

Jesus was taken to an open courtyard in the praetorium for the scourging. The guards tied Jesus to the whipping post and put the purple robe around him. They plaited a crown of thorns and placed it upon the brow of Jesus. Someone placed a reed in his hand as a mock scepter, and the guards knelt before him crying: “Hail king of the Jews!” They began to strike Jesus in the face and spit upon him. Jesus was then brought before Pilate again. Jesus’ face was now bloodstained and his body bowed from suffering and grief. An audible murmur went up from the crowd when Jesus appeared, but they again began to shout “Crucify him!”

“Behold the man!”

Pilate then said: “Behold the man! Again I declare to you that I find no crime in him, and having scourged him, I would release him.” A high priest shouted: “He violated our sacred law; he declared himself to be the Son of God!” Pilate was very disturbed at this statement. He waved to the crowd for silence, and then took Jesus inside the building. As the mob continues to harass Pilate, observers note that he seems confused and fearful.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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