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Jesus is Loved by the Common People of Earth

JERUSALEM, MARCH, AD 30 Jesus spreads good cheer everywhere he goes. He is full of grace and truth. His associates never cease to wonder at his graciousness, which is the aroma of friendliness emanating from his love-saturated soul.

Jesus really seems to understand people; therefore he manifests genuine sympathy and sincere compassion. The empathy of Jesus is boundless, yet it is practical, personal, and constructive. He is able to minister to distressed souls without increasing their self-pity. Jesus can help people so much because he loves them so sincerely. He truly loves each man, each woman, and each child. He is able to be such a true friend because he knows so fully what is in their hearts and minds. He is an interested and keen observer, and expert in the comprehension of human needs and longings.

Jesus is never in a hurry. He takes time to comfort his fellow beings “as he passes by.” He is a charming listener. He never engages in the meddlesome probing of the souls of his associates.

As he comforts hungry minds and ministers to thirsty souls, the recipients of his mercy do not so much feel that they are confessing to him as that they are conferring with him. He never manifests a desire to direct, manage, or follow up with them. He inspires profound self-confidence and robust courage in all who enjoy his association. When he smiles upon an individual, that mortal experiences an increased capacity for solving his manifold problems. Yet Jesus never hesitates to be severe when the occasion demands.

Often he sets out to help a person by asking for help. In this way he elicits their interest, and appeals to the better things in human nature. He is always willing to stop a sermon or detain a multitude while he ministers to the needs of a single person, even to a little child. Great things happen not only because people have faith in Jesus, but also because Jesus has so much faith in them.

Many of the really important things which Jesus says or does seem to happen casually, “as he passes by.” There is so little of the professional or the premeditated in the Master’s earthly ministry. He dispenses health and scatters happiness naturally and gracefully as he journeys through life. It is literally true, “He goes about doing good.” And it behooves the Master’s followers in all ages to learn to minister as they pass by—to do unselfish good as they go about their daily duties.

And now as we watch developments, we lament that men of great earthly power have issued a decree demanding the death of Jesus. Jerusalem awaits in breathless tension as the Master approaches the city.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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