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Jesus heals blind man on Sabbath


Stunning news of a new healing by Jesus has alarmed Sanhedrin officials here. Josiah, a beggar who has been blind since birth, told reporters that Jesus restored his sight this morning. He claimed that Jesus and his two friends approached him and talked with him. Then Jesus made some clay with spittle, anointed the eyes of Josiah and told him to wash them in the pool of Siloam. After washing away the clay, Josiah immediately received his sight. He was confused by what he saw, but was ecstatic to have vision. Meanwhile reports indicate that the Sanhedrin may convene this afternoon to discuss the healing.

Healed Josiah defends Jesus

Josiah was summoned before a special session of the Sanhedrin this afternoon. Only fifty members could be assembled. Josiah briefly told the story reported this morning, that Jesus had anointed his eyes with clay and when he washed it off he had sight. One official declared that Jesus had violated the Sabbath: first, by making clay, and second, by directing the beggar to wash in Siloam. “He cannot be sent from God,” the priest concluded. But a younger member disagreed, and said such wonders could only be of God.

Parents summoned

The Sanhedrin then ordered the parents of Josiah to appear, but they would only identify their son, claiming they knew nothing about what had happened today. They also testified that he had indeed been blind from birth. Josiah was re-summoned. In a lengthy statement, he was informed that both he and Jesus had violated the Sabbath. He was urged to repudiate Jesus as a sinner and give credit to God for his sight. Josiah refused, declaring that he believed Jesus to be a prophet of God. He then asked the Sanhedrin if they wanted to hear this story over and over so that they might become disciples of Jesus. This comment caused great anger and confusion, and the meeting broke up. Leaders rushed up to Josiah, and one shouted at him:

“We are the disciples of Moses. We are the teachers of the laws of God. We know God spoke through Moses, but as for this man Jesus, we know him not!”

Josiah then stood on a chair and defiantly addressed the crowd. “I tell you Jesus is from God,” he insisted. “Not since the world began has one who was born blind been made to see. Look upon me, and see what God has done through this prophet in Jerusalem on this day!”

Josiah is cast out

The members of the Sanhedrin left the chambers and had Josiah cast out of the synagogue. He is herewith denied all rights and privileges of every sort throughout all Jewry, except the right to buy the necessities of life.

One official told reporters that the severity of the punishment was not because Josiah had spoken freely, but because both he and Jesus had deliberately violated the Sabbath. One reporter pointed out that it was equally illegal for the Sanhedrin to meet on the Sabbath. The official had no comment.

Jesus escapes angry crowd

Jesus appeared suddenly and openly on Solomon’s Porch yesterday, not far from the unprecedented Sabbath meeting of the Sanhedrin. He was not summoned to testify, however. Some observers believe the Sanhedrin feared to arrest him. Meanwhile, he spoke to a crowd that contained many hostile Pharisees, scribes and their agents. Asked to plainly proclaim himself the Messiah, Jesus said: “I have told you about myself and my Father many times, but you do not believe. My sheep shall hear my voice and they shall follow me. And I shall not have them snatched from my hand. The Father and I are one.” This statement aroused some members of the crowd to seek to stone Jesus, but they were restrained by his believers. Jesus then left the temple.

Jesus meets with Josiah

Later in the day, Jesus, accompanied by Nathaniel and Thomas, went to the home of Josiah after hearing he had been cast out of the synagogue. Thomas asked Josiah: “Do you believe in the Son of God?” and Josiah replied: “Tell me who he is that I may believe in him.” Jesus spoke to Josiah at that point, saying: “You have both seen and heard him, and it is he who now speaks to you.” Josiah fell to his knees and said: “Lord, I believe.”

Jesus asked Josiah to accompany them back to their camp at Pella. Having been cast out of the synagogue, Josiah was delighted and agreed to follow Jesus, the man he calls the Son of God.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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