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Jesus’ apostles train ... and wait

Jesus eating with disciplesCAPERNAUM, DECEMBER, AD 26

Five months have passed since Jesus organized his twelve apostles, but so far all they have done is fish and study. Several of the men seemed impatient, but unwavering in their faith in Jesus. One commented: “Jesus is the best friend I have ever had. Nothing seems so important to the Master as the individual human being—the person in his immediate presence. He will pause during a profound discourse to minister to an individual who seems to need cheering.”

Matthew, a newer apostle, said: “With some people, the more you know them the less they impress you, but with Jesus the more I know him the more I love him.”

Simon Peter declared: “Jesus goes with alternate groups fishing every third day. We look forward to his presence; we all enjoy him so much! He is a good fisherman, an uplifting and cheerful companion, and a true friend. Just being near him is an inspiring experience.”

When asked why such a dynamic personality does not assert himself more vigorously and declare his so-called “kingdom” openly, Nathaniel replied: “Jesus has admonished us not to create a cult around his personality. His mission is to reveal God to all men and women, and to pioneer a new and better way for them to find God, a way of faith and love. We are content to learn this way of love and service from this man of God.”

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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