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Is there a traitor among the apostles?

Jesus Walking with Apostles


New reports reveal that at least one of the apostles of Jesus is disillusioned with him and wants to quit.

Some believe that Andrew became suspicious of the individual and approached Jesus about him. Jesus simply said that Andrew was right in coming to him, “but there is nothing we can do except to place the utmost confidence in him.”

One expert here believes the errant apostle may be Judas, the treasurer of the group. The unidentified observer stated: “Judas was a follower of John, and was very disappointed that Jesus did not rescue him. He was annoyed that Jesus refused to be made king, and he was not pleased that Jesus rejected pleas to give a sign of his powers to silence the Pharisees who provoke him. Also, Judas can’t be happy that the crowds don’t come around anymore, and the treasury for the group is empty much of the time now.”

Meanwhile, Jesus is reported to be on his way to Mount Hermon with his band of twelve. The reason for this journey is not clear.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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