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Is the concept of a personal God valid?

Jesus at the Alexandrian Library by Slawa RadziszewskaROME, AD 23

“I have always been a devout Buddhist,” declared Gonod, a traveling merchant from India. “But I must now confess that there may be something lacking in his teachings.” Gonod was interviewed here yesterday and spoke candidly about his gradual transformation toward a broader religious belief. He has been influenced by a Jewish scribe in his employ. He declared: “Buddha developed a wonderful religion. My scribe has stated that the Buddhists have a practical philosophy of living, but a concept of a personal God would be helpful. The most important feature in my scribe’s new philosophy is based upon a good and loving God to pray to, learn to trust, and aspire to be like. God is that highest ideal that exalts people and inspires them to the service of humankind.”

When asked to identify the philosophy or religion his scribe recommended, Ganid, Gonod’s young son, suggested that he could answer the question. He said: “It’s a new religion that must be lived rather than taught. One good enough for India and even great enough for Rome. It could even help his own Jewish race. This new and everlasting religion is being revealed through our scribe.” The Jewish scribe evidently left the square during Gonod’s interview and could not be reached for a more detailed description of the “new religion.”

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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