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Human mind of Jesus indwelt by God

Jesus as a boyFEBRUARY 11, 2 BC

It was announced today that the Creator Son of our universe, now incarnated on the planet of Earth, has been endowed with an indwelling Fragment of God. It was explained that this is a normal course of events with humans on this planet. The arrival of such Father-Fragments occurs when human children make their first personal and wholehearted moral decision. The divine Fragment, a gift of the pure essence of the heavenly Father, indwells humans and strives to insure the spiritualization of their minds and eternal survival of their souls.

Some inquiries were made as to why this would be necessary for a Creator Son, who has been described as being “all God.” A spokesperson for the Universe Rulers explained: “Jesus is indeed ‘all God,’ but he is to be ‘all man’ also. He is to be tested as a human being and experience the trials of a human being. The human mind of Jesus will be augmented by the presence of the Universe Father, as is the case with normal mortals of the realm. Jesus may elect to face many of his Earth challenges with only his human mind and its indwelling Father- Fragment. In this manner he will demonstrate for all the universe the power of God in liaison with the mind of ordinary human beings. Our beloved Creator Son will not only reveal God to man, he will reveal man to God.”

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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