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Jesus suggests that the human family is the best model for his teachings

A Father's Reward by Joseph ClarkBETHANY, APRIL, AD 27

Jesus reportedly instructed his disciples that the family is a better model for his teachings than the kingdom. Asked why he used the term “kingdom” so freely, the Master explained that John had already preached the concept of a kingdom, and the Jewish people expected a kingdom. But Jesus declared the kingdom of God to be a spiritual kingdom, not a material one. Jesus suggested that the human family was a better example of God’s relationship to us. Love of God as a Father of this family, and brotherly love among the family members was the idea he presented. “Love one another as you love yourself,” said Jesus. Such love is always manifested as unselfish, loving service, he claimed. Jesus said that a true family has seven aspects, and each has a parallel in the “spiritual family” of the Father in heaven:

1. The fact of existence … the human mortal takes origin in the parents.
2. Security and enjoyment … good fathers enjoy providing for their offspring and go so far as to make provisions for their pleasures also.
3. Education and training … children learn to accept new responsibilities in life by being exposed to proper education and a developmental methods. Life itself is school.
4. Discipline and restraint … wise love guides, restrains and sometimes corrects immature offspring.
5. Companionship and loyalty … the wise father listens earnestly to his children, even as does God in heaven.
6. Love and mercy … good fathers are forgiving, tolerant, and never hold past errors against their children.
7. Provision for the future … a family continues on, good fathers provide for the future of their offspring.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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