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Followers of Jesus scatter in confusion


Chaos and confusion seized the camp of Jesus after his arrest. The apostle Andrew is no longer the official head of the group, and Simon Zelotes sought to rally a rescue team to save their Master. The camp members assembled at the olive press here, the scene of Jesus’ capture. Nathaniel asserted to the group that the Master had instructed them to preserve their lives. James Zebedee agreed, and pointed out that Jesus had ordered Peter to sheathe his sword. Thomas then persuaded the others to scatter, leaving the camp manned only by David Zebedee and a few of his men. By two thirty this morning the camp was deserted. Zebedee will form a messenger center here to inform the believers of Jesus about the happenings in Jerusalem.

Followers scattered

Reports have been received that Nathaniel, Matthew, Philip and the twins are hiding in Bethphage and Bethany. Thomas, Andrew, James and Simon Zelotes are reported to be secluded in Jerusalem. Peter and John Zebedee are following the arresting party. Jude, a brother of Jesus, arrived at the camp only to learn that Jesus had been arrested. He hurried back to Jericho to inform Mary and the rest of the family. David sent word to Mary to assemble her family at the home of Martha and Mary in Bethany and await news.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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