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Child of promise to stay

Jesus reads from the scripturesNAZARETH, FEBRUARY, AD 2

A visiting rabbi, Nahor, expressed disappointment at the decision of Jesus ben Joseph to stay with his family and not to go with him to Jerusalem for advanced training. “I respect the decision, but regret that the youth will not be exposed to a more sophisticated and controlled environment. I was somewhat shocked by his questions and his unusual views on religion and prayer.” Because the parents were divided on the issue it was decided to allow Jesus to make the decision.

Nahor explained that the youth insisted on “talking with his Father in heaven” about the question.

After two days of deliberation the lad declined the offer to move to Jerusalem. Jesus admitted he was not “positive” about what God wanted, but he felt it wisest to stay with his family. Jesus expressed the opinion that his family would love him more than those who were focused purely upon his intellect.

Nahor expressed puzzlement at these comments, attributing them to the liberal atmosphere of Nazareth.

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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