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Behold God and Man

Ecce Homo

APRIL 7, AD 30 Universe administration is slowing to a standstill while all celestial intelligences fix their gaze upon Earth. Jesus of Nazareth continues to bear himself majestically. He combines the patient submission of his human nature with the compelling silence and solemn dignity of his divine nature.

Jesus is convinced that it is the will of the Father that he submit to the natural and ordinary course of human events as must any mortal. He even refrained from using his purely mortal powers of persuasion and eloquence to influence the actions of the backward minds of this planet. As this misguided handful of Jews clamored for the death of Jesus, he stood there in awe-inspiring silence, observing the dimming twilight of a nation that was once the spiritual torch-bearer of the world.

Transcending the weakness of men

Jesus could not be provoked, nor could he be intimidated. Before the Sanhedrist court Jesus declined to make replies to the testimony of perjured witnesses. There was but one question which would always elicit an answer, whether asked by friend or foe, and that was the one concerning the nature and divinity of his mission on earth. When asked if he were the Son of God, he unfailingly made reply. He steadfastly refused to speak when in the presence of the curious and wicked Herod. Jesus has developed the type of human character which could preserve its composure and yet assert its dignity under continuous and gratuitous insult. We observed in awe Jesus’ love for ignorant mortals as revealed in his patience and great self-possession in the face of coarse jeers and savage blows by the deluded servants and cruel soldiers. Jesus said little during these trials, but he said enough to show all the universe the kind of human character man can perfect in partnership with God.

The weak and fear-ridden Roman governor

Jesus felt pity for Pilate and sincerely tried to enlighten his darkened mind. He showed no interest in Pilate’s half­hearted attempts to effect his release. The cowardly governor spoke more truth than he knew when he presented the scourged Jesus to the multitude and declared: “Behold the man!”

(Extract from Chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.)

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