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The Divine Calendar

The Divine Calendar

Many of my students worry that now that 2012 has arrived that something horrible is on the horizon. Some cite the Mayan Calendar, indicating that December of 2012 may mark the beginning of the end!

A dear friend who is a Mayan scholar states clearly that the end of the Mayan Calendar is merely the beginning of a new calendar, not the end of the world!

We are a species who likes to feed on fear and dread. Why is that? Why does negative media feed our news pipelines. Why do we not celebrate the goodness of people, the beauty of creation and the integrity of our Deity? Think on this question and ask yourself whether you, too, feed on negativity, fear, anxiety and anger.

Jesus made it clear that we are to be of good cheer, that we are to fear not, that we are to give thanks for our existence, for creation, for each other and for being the sons and daughters of a compassionate God!

The human condition is such that for millions of years we have developed neurological responses of fear to foster our instinct for survival. And, so we wish to survive. We have also developed a huge capacity for anxiety to foster our instinct for connection with the natural world around us and other human beings. And, so we connect with a degree of anxiety. As well, we have an amazing appetite for anger and rage to foster our instinct for power and control over our conditions. And, so there is so much rage in our world, suggesting power and control, but revealing the paradox of the human condition.

The paradox of the human condition is that we are a dual origin species, animal origin creatures with a Divine Destiny of spiritual attainment. We find our roots in an evolutionary heritage that extends back millions of years, but that is projected, if we have but an ounce of faith, to take us to the shores of the Paradise Home of Deity! Meditate on That!

The best way in which to realize our dual origin nature is to take time for the Divine Appointment, take time in prayer, meditation and worship to know, truly know, the compassion and wisdom of God. Take time to claim your Divine Inheritance, for you are truly rich, richer than the wealthiest person on earth, with the abundance of spiritual attributes that are yours for the faith realization! The Indwelling Spirit of the Living God awaits the Daily Rendezvous with You, the Beloved Child of the Infinite!

Welcome to 2012! Set your sails diligently toward to the realization of divine personal expression. Be inwardly transformed and healed by the Grace of God. Be outwardly dedicated to the service of those in need who stand so near to you!

Blessings friend,


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