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Divine Inheritance

During the holiday season, it is a good time to reflect and meditate upon our divine inheritance. Moses, Jesus and Muhammad came from good family inheritance. If we were truly aware of our divine inheritance, we would never despair. During the month of December we celebrate the birth of Jesus in Christianity, the Festival of Lights in Judaism and the Islamic New Year. Though we see tension and conflict all around us, yet, we are told this is a time to celebrate!

And yes, we have every reason to celebrate when we contemplate the many ways that God comes to reveal the Divine Presence within our midst. If we could learn to open up to these gifts, all things would become new. Contemplative Prayer will open you up to these influences, if you would but make the Divine Appointment, at least twice a day, to consent to God's Presence and Action in our lives, to allow the wounds of a lifetime to be healed so that we might better reveal God's love, joy and peace to all around us.

If God were standing in front of you, right now, and asked for twenty minutes of your time to just be with the Holy Presence, I doubt you would refuse. In fact, I suspect you would jump into the Divine Embrace, to allow that loving affection to touch and transform your soul. How often do we deny God access? How about a rededication? This is what the Festival of Lights is about, a rededication of our temple to the will and wonder of God.

You have been graced, gifted with the presence of:

  1. The love-filled bestowal of God, the Thought Adjuster, the Indwelling Presence, the Light of Lights, the Eternal Mystery of God, small enough to indwell your heart, large enough to create a trillion galaxies.

  2. The Spirit Presence of the Eternal Son, the gravity circuit of spiritual energy which suffuses every cell of your body, every reflective thought and every spiritual impulse, which encircuits all the galaxies of time and space. It is this great spiritual current that emanates from Paradise and that draws us ever inward toward the Paradise Home of God in the Eternal Adventure.

  3. The Compassionate Presence of the Infinite Spirit, the universal mind circuit that creates an eternal circle of intelligent kinship, growth and opportunity.

  4. The spirit of the Father and the Son, the Pentecostal Spirit of Truth, the revelation of truth as an inward personal experience of the soul.

  5. The spirit of the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Mother Spirit, the Holy Spirit which provides a deep intuitive appreciation of Divine Guidance. Together with Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit hovers over our world, seeking to teach truth and to spiritually enlighten the minds of all people, to inspire the soul of every person to participate in the greatest of all adventures, the finding and doing of God's will, assenting to Paradise goal of divine destiny.

  6. The Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits which ever seek to provide direction and purpose to every mortal existence through the exercise of spiritual reflection and meaningful moral choices.

  7. The presence of countless, unseen spirits and beings who ever toil to make our existence upon this world one that is connected to spiritual influence, divine insight and moral integrity. There are Angels here, now, who wish to help us along the path, if we would but reach out in faith and ask for their assistance.

When you open up to these influences, which act as one, you realize that God, ever-respectful of your free will, has put every possible resource at your disposal to help you heal and be transformed in the spirit. The choice is ours to open these gifts and forever appreciate the gracious manner in which God has been here, ready to assist our journey, with power and grace.

So, in the Spirit of the New Year, will you rededicate your soul to the inward adventure of knowing the profound depth and breadth of God's love for you, will you ask, seek and knock, requesting the Divine Inheritance to be made manifest in your personal experience. If you do, you will be astonished!

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