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What Is Heaven Like?

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Saturn V RocketWhat is Heaven Really Like?

If we knew the navigation patterns, had the proper ship, adequate fuel, and permission to visit, we literally could fly a spaceship to the heavenly worlds.

If we ponder the visions of heaven dreamed by the twentieth century's most perceptive religious philosophers, we gain an insight into the first heavenly worlds where we will live. As we proceed beyond these first worlds, we will realize that nothing in human experience has prepared us to understand or express the beauty and diversity of the heavens.

Path in the Ile Saint-Martin, Vetheuil by Claude MonetThe universe is vast, much larger than most scientists have imagined. To ensure organization and orderliness, specially constructed architectural worlds were designed to serve as administrative head- quarters. These architectural worlds, strategically placed throughout the universe, are like separate heavens. Heaven is not one central place but Paradise is the center of the universe and is the heaven of heavens.

Heavenly worlds are real spheres in space.

"Spirit beings do not dwell in nebulous space; they do not inhabit ethereal a worlds; they are domiciled on actual spheres of a material nature..." ~ The Urantia Book 14:2.1

The basic building blocks of the heavenly worlds are derived from material elements, some of which exist on earth. These worlds are filled with beautiful and abundant features: rolling highlands shimmering lakes, bountiful plant and animal life, vast wilderness preserves, parks, cities, worship centers, and a multitude of creation beyond anything we humans can imagine.

These heavenly worlds are teeming with life forms and substances that transcend material elements. As we enter morontia life, the intervening level between material and spiritual existence, we will see that we are only one example of God's creations. Numerous beings, some similar to our concept of angels, dwell on the morontia worlds.

Beyond the material and morontia levels is spirit. As we travel inward toward Paradise, the heavenly worlds become more dominated by spirit reality. Many kinds of spirit beings, more advanced than our most wonderful visions of archangels, live on these spiritual levels. These beings have homes, complex communication systems, administrative networks, artistic means of expression, and spiritual worship.

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him." I Corinthians 2:9.

Our Father has created a great universe that awaits us. Through faith in Him, we begin an amazing adventure of experience and love as we travel throughout the boundless universe.

Our universe career advances through many stages. We do not simply die and wake up in a blissful state. Life is an unfolding of progressive levels, a blending of the material, the philosophical, and the spiritual.

The beauty of earthly life foreshadows the higher realities of the heavenly worlds.
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