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The Superuniverse Adventure

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Angels by Gustave Doré
Angel wings are actually
friction shields used
during space flight.
16. In our local universe, there is an intelligent and friendly animal species called spornagia. Spornagia can be pictured if you were to combine the best traits of a horse, a dog, and a chimpanzee. These industrious animals are known for their expert gardening skills.

17. On the mansion worlds, we will have no need for a sanitary waste system. All of the food and water we consume is converted directly into energy.

18. Any genuinely worthwhile goal that we did not fulfill on earth can be accomplished in the heavens if that goal continues to remain on our priority list.

19. We will literally meet Jesus on the heavenly worlds. We will also meet and become friends with the pair of guardian angels who guided us on earth.

20. After we attain the mansion worlds, much of our long distance travel will be aboard transport angels. They enseraphim us and fly from world to world. What we have traditionally viewed as angel wings are actually friction shields that ensure safe space flight. Some angels travel at speeds of more than 550,000 miles per second.


The Minor Sector of Ensa

After we leave our local universe of Nebadon, we venture into Stage 5 of our Paradise Journey. Our first stop is at the training worlds of Uminor the third, the capital of our minor sector. Here we begin to master the material properties and physical organization of the superuniverse, preparing ourselves for an undisclosed adventure that will require us to have this scientific knowledge. This is a season of wonderment, of learning about the physical aspects of universe life. This education will prepare us for the intellectual challenges that await us at the headquarters worlds of our major sector of Splandon. Heaven is not reached at a single bound; but we build the ladder by which we rise from the lowly earth to the vaulted skies, and we mount to its summit round by round." ~ J. G. Holland

Enshrouded in the subgalactic star cloud of Sagittarius are the majestic training spheres of our minor sector. Around these worlds, approximately one hundred local universes, including Nebadon, rotate in a gigantic spiral. Together they form our minor sector. A minor sector contains about one billion inhabitable planets.
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