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Stage 1: Planetary Mortals

  • Earth is the first step in our universe career
  • The Heavenly Father is the good parent
  • Our planet and solar system
  • There is intelligent human life on other planets
  • Seven stages of the ascending universe career

Stage 2: Sleeping Survivors

  • The sleep of survival — The natural bridge between earth and heaven
  • How long does it take to go from earth to the mansion worlds and how do we get there?
  • What is heaven really like?
  • Are all people resurrected?

Stage 3: Mansion World Students

  • Our resurrection and new lives on the mansion worlds and system capital

Stage 4: Morontia Progressors

  • What are angels?
  • Is there a hell?
  • What are we like immediately after resurrection?

Stage 4 continued: Our Travels and Life in the Constellation

Stage 4 continued: Our Life on the Capital Worlds of the Local Universe of Nebadon

  • We have reached the headquarters of Jesus
  • Our graduation to the capital of Nebadon, the spiritual world of Saivington
  • Who is Jesus and why did he come to earth?
  • Twenty facts about life after death

Stage 5: Superuniverse Wards

  • The minor sector of Ensa

Stage 5 continued: Life on the Major Sector Capital Worlds

  • Is there evil and suffering on the heavenly worlds?

Stage 5 continued: Our Superuniverse Capital of Orvonton, Our Last Stop before Havona

  • A chart of the superuniverses
  • A conceptual view of the master universe
  • The ascension career

Stage 6: Havona Pilgrims

  • One billion worlds, billions of opportunities
  • From Havona, we periodically visit Paradise
  • How large is the master universe?

Stage : Paradise Arrivals

  • We have reached home at last

Post Paradise Experience

  • After reaching Paradise, a new adventure awaits us
  • Will we be sent to create and administer new worlds in the outer space levels?


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