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Stage 5 Continued: Our Superuniverse Capital of Orvonton, Our Last Stop before Havona

Seven superuniverses constitute the Grand Universe. Ours, the seventh and newest superuniverse, is named Orvonton. The capital is Uversa. The administrative center of our superuniverse is located at the starry center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The unparalleled magnificence of Uversa and its satellites overshadows all our previous experiences. On the seventy worlds of

advanced cultural training, our preparatory spiritual enrichment is com- pleted. Our experiences and our intellects are further cultivated.

The cultural diversity of the superuniverse is staggering. On our approach to the infinite, we mingle with ascending beings from nearly one trillion planets, as well as with the perfect beings from the central universe of Havona and Paradise.

We now stand unique in all the universe—spirit children of the Universal Father. We are on our way to Paradise.

The Master Universe by John Byron
The master universe is the enormous inhabited and uninhabited universe as it currently exists.
But, because God is infinite, there are no boundaries to the full potential of the heavens.
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