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Sleeping Survivors

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Fall leaves on treeStage 2: Sleeping Survivors

The Sleep of Survival—The Natural Bridge between Earth and Heaven

Death provides us with a natural means of going forward from earth life. It is a portal through which we pass to begin the spectacular ascent to God, the Father of all Creation.

The Urantia Book says we have nothing to fear. We are not alone in this journey. Inside each one of us is an actual fragment of God, a Thought Adjuster, a faithful companion who patiently waits for us to respond to its spiritual counsel so it may safely guide us through the immense universe.

Death is a natural phase in the process of life- eternal life.

Operating theatre
"I am not dreaming! I am not deluded. Nearer to the grave new life streams for me.
We shall continue to exist. We shall see each other again." ~ Goethe

During our journey, the Paradise Father will love and protect us. "The Father's love follows us now and throughout the endless circle of the eternal ages."

After we surrender our consciousness to death, our personality, soul, and mind identity will be preserved. When consciousness dawns again we will open our eyes on the majesty of the heavenly mansion worlds of our local system of planets. We have survived death. We have been resurrected.

"Throughout all etemity you will recall the profound memory impressions of your first witnessing of these resurrection momings." ~ The Urantia Book 47:3.5

Now, as resurrected mortals, we continue the quest of the ages, the perfecting pilgrimage inward to Paradise, our etemal home.

How long does it take to go from Earth to the Mansion Worlds and how do we get there?

After we die, we rest in an unconscious sleep. Whether we sleep for three days or three hundred years, we will have no memory of the passage of time. But travel time to the mansion worlds is fast. We can be resurrected as soon as three days after our death.

The length of our sleep will depend upon the progress we made while living on earth. Generally, the more we lead balanced lives on earth, the sooner our resurrection will occur after death. Balanced character growth requires the unified development of our social, spiritual, intellectual and philosophical natures. An over-developed religious mind, for example, can become fanatical. Likewise, a scientist living without God can become a gloomy materialist. It is more important to be well-rounded and whole than to become unbalanced in any one direction.

During the sleep of survival, our soul, spirit, and personality are safeguarded until we are resurected. The cooperative efforts of our faithful guardian angel and Thought Adjuster deliver our soul, identity, and certain factors of mind to the life assembly chambers on the mansion worlds. There, we are reassembled and given a new body form.

Angel and boy
Our souls are safely delivered to the mansion worlds by our guardian angel.
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