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Paradise Arrival

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Stage 7: Paradise Arrivals

We have Reached Home at Last

Clouds by Woody WoodworthWe have reached the seventh and final stage of our journey. We have arrived on the Isle of Paradise, the eternal source of all things, the center of infinity. All that is, was, and shall be is here. All gravity, energy, creation, mind, morontia, personality, and spirit draw life from this inexhaustible source.

Our joumey began billions of years ago on one of the lowest evolutionary worlds in the universe. And now, richly endowed with experience, knowledge, and wisdom, we have climbed the stairway to heaven. We were once finite mortals who achieved perfection by the evolutionary quest for the Father in Heaven.

Paradise is the worthy headquarters of the universe. It is not like any place we have visited on our long joumey. Once we arrive, we are greeted by superb beings who hold citizenship on the eternal Isle of Light. After our initial period of freedom, we begin our association with other beings who have also completed their training.

Worship is the supreme satisfaction of Paradise residents. Sharing directly with the Paradise Father is the joy of all ages. Yet, we were not given extensive experiential, intellectual, and spiritual training solely for this purpose. On Paradise we join ranks with ascendant mortals, angels, and other spirit beings. We become members of the Corps of Finality, a group of beings who ascend to Paradise and then venture back into the superuniverses to serve others.

A most interesting and speculative phenomenon seems to be associated with the service duties of the members of the Corps of Finality. Their work appears to be temporary. Since the outer space levels are completely uninhabited, it is possible that another major creation is being planned for those space regions. The permanent service duties of the members of the Corps of Finality may be in the outer space levels.

Paradise, the Eternal Isle, is the one stationary and most immense creation in all the universes. Paradise is a real place as well as a spiritual residence. It is a material world in the shape of an elliptical disc. This Isle of God is the home of the Father and his eternal associates, the Eternal Son and the infinite Spirit. "God dwells, has dwelt, and everlastingly will dwell in this same central and eternal abode. We have always found him there and always will." ~ The Urantia Book, 11:1.2

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