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Our Travels Through The Universe

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Stage 4 Continued: Our Travels & Life in the Constellation

Poppies by Van Hoorick
"Nature is the living, visible garment of God." ~ Goethe
After graduation from the mansion worlds and the local system capital, we are transported to the splendor of the constellation headquarters. Our constellation is comprised of about one hundred local systems, made up of nearly one hundred thousand inhabited planets.

Edentia, our constellation capital, is at the center of 771 architectural worlds. These worlds abound in glorious material creation, morontia life, and spiritual grandeur. Here, extensive highlands, sparkling lakes, and vast botanic gardens color the landscape.

It's Time to Sharpen our Social Skills

These training worlds present a rnajor challenge for our now powerfully integrated and individualized personalities. Here, individualism is modified by group activitiess that encourage our social cooperation and group ethics. Not only do we relate with ascendant mortals from thousands of other planets, we also live with many highly developed morontia and spirit personalities. Working happily and living harmoniously with so many different kinds of beings requires growth of our minds, social graces, tolerance, and spiritual acceptance.

Our emphasis is to master teamwork, but we have plenty of time to continue enriching our association with the Thought Adjuster.

When we are ready to leave the marvels of the constellation worlds, our sojourn will fade into a magnificent rnemory. We now leave for the capital of our local universe, the bright and shining worlds of Salvington. Here we will fulfill the dream of all believing souls. We will stand face to face with the living Jesus, the Creator Son, the supreme ruler of the local universe of Nebadon.

Stage 4 Continued: Our Life on the Capital Worlds of the Local Universe of Nebadon

Mountain lake
The constellation headquarters are filled with natural wonders, even more plentiful than on earth.We have Reached the Headquarters of Jesus

The conclusion of the fourth stage of our pilgrimage to Paradise has taken us to the headquarters of the local universe of Nebadon. The beauty of the constellation worlds was beyond our expectations. Yet it was merely a foretaste of the magnifcence of the Nebadon capital.

Local universes are the fundamental geographic, administrative, and spiritual building blocks of the universe. As our world contains nations, the superuniverses contain local universes. Our local universe is called Nebadon. It is ruled by our Creator Son Michael, known on earth as Jesus of Nazareth.

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