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Morontia Progressors

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Stage 4: Morontia Progressors

I want, I want by William BlakeStage Four begins

The completion of our life on the mansion worlds of our local system marks the end of Stage 3. We enter Stage 4 as we take up residence on Jerusem, the capital of the local system.

Relative to our earthly condition, we will emerge from the system capital as highly evolved, well balanced, educated, and socially adjusted morontia beings. Yet, in the scheme of the universe, we remain as children upon a bridge between the infinite, time and eternity. Our earthly experience of living in a material world now is augmented by the challenges and joys of life on the system capital. This in turn will be superseded by the grandeur of the architectural worlds of our constellation headquarters, the next phase of our wonderful journey.

In the time scheme of the universe, we are as children upon a bridge between the material and the spiritual, the finite and the infinite.

Fifty-seven specially designed architectural worlds make up the capital of our local system of one thousand inhabitable planets. The mansion worlds are seven of these fifty-seven worlds. Imagine the diverse cultures we will experience as we mingle with mortals, angels, and other intelligent spiritual beings who are living on or visiting the mansion worlds.

What are Angels?

The Mansion Worlds by John Byron The word angels is often misused to mean any personality above human. Angels are only one of many groups of intelligent beings in a universe filled with multiple life forms. Humans are the lowest level of imperfect evolutionary freewill creatures; angels are of a higher spiritual order. Yet they are evolving beings who are working their way toward perfection. There are many other groups more advanced than angels. Some beings began as perfect creations.

Within the family of angels there are many different kinds—cherubim, seraphim, guardian angels, and archangels. Some resemble us in mind and personality. Many are enough like us that they laugh at our jokes, enjoy our music, and sympathize with our problems. Over a billion angels are functioning on earth now. If our range of vision could be expanded, we could see them clearly.

Appearances by angels have been recorded throughout history. Most reports are explained by the fact that certain people have actually been permitted to see them. Many people claim to have seen angels during near- death experiences. Other stories are based on historical encounters when angels have been observed functioning on earth. Angels generally work in complementary couples of opposite natures. They provide many needed services throughout the universe, operating as transporters, mathematicians, teachers, broadcasters, Voices of Wisdom, and Quickeners of Morality.

Music angel
Just as there is a species called human, there is a real and distinct order of angels. Angels are one of many groups of personalities that range between the imperfect level of freewill human to the perfect level of the First Source and Center of the universe, the Heavenly Father.
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