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Mansion World Students

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Father and childAre all People Resurrected?

Our Paradise Father is a God of intelligent love who desires that all his children live forever. But truth about God's love should not be misinterpreted as God being blind, permissive, or disinterested in our lives. The Heavenly Father loves the sinner while hating the sin and stands ready to forgive anyone who sincerely seeks forgiveness, no matter how destructive their lives have been. However, when a person knowingly and willfully persists in habitual wrong doing (sin) and consciously rejects the love and mercy of God, these acts of premeditated defiance generally result in the incurable corruption of the mind, which terminates in cosmic insanity. Those who decide to forever reject the Paradise Father's love and mercy lose the ability to discern right from wrong. This destructive selfishness ends with death. These people will not be reborn. For them, earth death is final. It is as if they never were.

In order to survive death, we must have faith in the existence of a power greater than ourselves. The Creator responds to even the faintest flicker of faith, but there must be faith. Selfishness leads to death while selflessness leads to eternal life, Said George McDonald, "All the doors that lead inward, to the sacred place of the Most High, are doors outward? out of self, out of smallness, out of wrong."

To understand God's deep love for us, we can think about how much we love our own children. if we imperfect parents on an imperfect world love our children as much as we do, think how much more the perfect Creator Parent must love us. The Heavenly Father is our loyal and understanding parent.

Stage 3: Mansion World Students

Our Resurrection and new Lives on the Mansion Worlds and Systern Capital

"You begin over there right where you leave off down here." ~ The Urantia Book, (47:3.7)

After physical death on earth, sleeping survivors will be resurrected on the first of the mansion worlds. Jesus referred to these worlds when he said, "in my Father's house are many mansions." John 14:2. After our unconscious sleep, we will awaken in the resurrection halls of the first mansion world in a new and more glorious body. Our new form will be similar to the kind of body Jesus inhabited during his resurrection on earth.

When we awaken, we will be greeted by our guardian angel and other loving celestial companions. After completing registration and orientation, our first ten days will be spent exploring our new home and visiting loved ones who have arrived before us. Soon, however, the opportunities, challenges, work, and other responsibilities of the mansion world life will beckon us to take up the evolutionary adventure where we

left off back on earth. We have now entered Stage 3 and become mansion world students.

As we adjust to our new lives, we will be required to develop intellectually, philosophically, and spiritually. We are similar to the way we were when we left earth except that we have now experienced resurrection. Our memory has retained only the meaningful and valuable experiences from our earth life and we have been given new highly powered minds and bodies. Our new bodies are made of morontia materials and will require nourishment from morontial substances. The food and drink we now intake will transform directly into pure energy.

On the mansion worlds, every vestige of physical, emotional, and mental deficiencies will be healed. As Thomas Moore said, "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."

During our life as mansion world students, we can make an everlasting decision to become one with the spirit within, our Thought Adjuster. God is already a part of us and we now decide to become a part of God. Here we make the freewill decision to do God's will, to eventually become perfect as our Paradise Father is perfect. This melding with the God within ensures that we will enjoy eternal life.

Large family
Our relationships with family members, friends, and associates will continue on the heavenly worlds. This is a goodness dominated universe where lasting postive friendship are highly valued and nurtured.
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