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Life On Other Planets

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Seven Stages of the Ascending Universe Career

  1. Planetary Mortals
  2. Sleeping Survivors
  3. Mansion World Students
  4. Morontia Progressors
  5. Superuniverse Wards
  6. Havona Pilgrims
  7. Paradise Arrivals

Our Planet and Solar System

UrantiaEarth—Urantia—is the planet of our birth. Urantia is one of twelve original planets which orbits the sun of our solar system. Our solar system spins through space on the fringes of the gigantic seventh superuniverse. The center of our superuniverse is the Milky Way Galaxy. We are one of many inhabited planets, part of a vast universe alive with various orders of intelligent and friendly beings.

There is Intelligent Human Life on Other Planets

Wide angle photograph of city at nightWe are not alone. A glance at the night sky reveals that the heavens are filled with innumerable stars. Logic leads us to speculate that many of those stars are suns of inhabited planets. This deduction is true. At this very moment, intelligent human life exists or is being planned on about seven trillion planets in the seven superuniverses.

Family in snow by Tom RosenthalThe physical patterns of human life vary from planet to planet. Some planets have been inhabited for more than a billion years, and their family life and culture are highly advanced compared to ours. On these older worlds, life threatening dangers such as disease, war, and natural disasters no longer exist. If we were to visit one of these planets, we would describe it heaven on earth. Newer worlds, similar to ours, are in their early stages of planetary development.

The common thread which binds us all is that we are freewill intelligent personalities capable of knowing and being known by God, loving and being loved by Him. Each of us has the opportunity to fulfill our Heavenly Father's supreme challenge: "Be you perfect as I am perfect."

Families are the foundation of human life on the inhabited worlds. Family love is the cornerstone of the universe and the building block of civilization.

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