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Is there a hell?

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The Scream by Edvard Munch
Hell is living in the
absence of God and
in the over abundance
of our self.
All of us have guardian angels who watch over us during our earth life. Angels will be among our best friends on the heavenly worlds. They are personal loving spirits with real feelings, brilliant minds, and a desire to be our friends.

Is there a hell?

There is no physical place in the universe called hell. The Father in heaven is not a vengeful God who takes pleasure in tormenting his erring children. The consequence of a selfish and sinful life is not imprisonment where we burn throughout eternity. If there is a temporary hell, it is when we live in separation from God. Permanent hell could be thought of as irrevocable separation from God, final death without resurrection.

Even though we all make mistakes, our mistakes are understood and forgiven by our merciful and loving Paradise Father. In order to experience forgiveness, we must learn to forgive others as God has forgiven us. Said Edward Herbert, "He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven."

What are we Like Immediately After Resurrection?

Solarised Butterfly by Patricia Ferry
Just as a butterfly develops
from the caterpillar, the
ascendant mortal emerges
from the earthly
tabernacle of the body into
the morantia form.
The resurrected mortal is made up of five component parts: the morontia form, the morontia mind, the morontia soul, the spirit, and the personality. We are not reconstituted as flesh and blood humans. Rather, we are resurrected as morontia soul-like ascendant mortals.

The morontia identity has five aspects.

1. Morontia form: This serves the same purpose as our human body serves us on earth. Our new form is different because it is not made of flesh and blood. Our resurrected body is made from morontia materials, substances of a more enduring nature. Each of us retains our indviduality, and we will be recognizable just as Jesus was known to the apostles when he appeared in his rnorontia form after the crucifixion.

2. Morontia mind: Our earthly intellect perishes when we die. lt is replaced by a higher mind system.

3. Morontia soul: On earth, the birth of the human soul occurred the instant our mind and our Thought Adjuster made contact with each other. The soul is the emerging reality that grows as our relationship with the Father deepens. On the mansion worlds, our soul helps us to see and experience the world around us, much the way our mind performed this function on earth. Many previous functions of the earthly mind, such as memory, are taken over by the soul. It can be said that we will be soul-like in the next world.

4. Thought Adiuster: The Thought Adjuster is an actual part of the Father that comes from Paradise to live within us. On earth it is known by different names in most world religions. Christians call it the spirit or God within; Jews call it the Still Small Voice; Taoists, the Tao; and Hindus, the Atman.

When we are resurrected on the mansion worlds, our individual Thought Adjuster will be faithfully waiting there to join us. The Adjuster is the spirit entity that preserves our spiritual memories from earth. This Adjuster is our guide to Paradise and will forever remain with us. Eventually, each of us will so completely unite with our Adjuster that observers will not be able to tell us apart.

5. Personality: Personality is the one changeless reality in an ever growing individual. The personality is the glue that holds us together. It is the constant thread that allows us to know and be known by others. Our personality is a gift of God and will remain with us throughout eternity. As we progress through the universe, we will begin to discover the scope of our personality.

Oriental woman
On earth, our physical beauty is somewhat accidental. On the heavenly worlds, our morontia form will mirror our inner beauty.
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