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This special edition of The Jesusonian™ is dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus lived and taught that through faith in God we will survive death and be resurrected upon the heavenly worlds.

Jesus said, "When men and women ask what shall we do to be saved, you shall answer, Believe this gospel of the kingdom; accept divine forgiveness. By faith recognize the indwelling spirit of God, whose acceptance makes you a son of God ... salvation is a gift of the Father ... By faith you are justified; by faith are you saved; and by this same faith are you eternally advanced..." ~ The Urantia Book, 150:5.2

Saint Augustine once said, "Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe."

Jesus did not promise that life would be easy. But he did promise to be our supportive companion during our trials of living. Even today, in the highly complex twentieth century, Jesus is with us in spirit. He is here to heal the broken hearted, to give hope to those in despair, to bring nourishment to the spiritually hungry, and to lead all of us into eternal life.

Flags of the world
Jesus proclaimed that by exercising faith in the Heavenly Father, all people can receive eternal life.
This promise was given to men and women of every nation, race, religion, age, and economic level.
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