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The Jesusonian Foundation


Mo Siegel

Contributing Editors

Helene des Rosiers
Peggy Douglas
Larry Mullins
Mary Elizabeth Newman
Ellanora O'Dell
Victoria Schooleraft
Janet Wiscombe

Editorial Assistance

Richard Bain
Robert Boczkiewicz
Duane Faw
Donald Green
Jim Harris
Stan Hartman
Hal Katzen
Dan Massey
Jennifer Siegel
Meredith Sprunger


Larry Mullins
Mo Siegel


Betsy Hitchcock, Art Director
John Byron
Lenny Cowels
Terry Kruger
Patricia Fearey
Larry Mullins
Bill Spencer
Patrick Yesh

Special Research

Julia Fenderson
Georgia Gecht
Chris Lepine


Betsy Hitchcock
Larry Mullins


Peggy Douglas
Betsy Hitchcock
Ron Louben


James A. Cook
Yagi Studios II
Fred Harrmgton
Creative Technology Corporation


The matchless teachings of The Urantia Book a revelation for humanity.

William S. Sadler Jr. for "The Study Of The Master Universe" and concepts for the visual presentation on, "How large is the universes?"

We appreciate the fine folks at the central Boulder, Colorado Urantia Book study group for devoting many hours to reading and improving this special report.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Oakland Museum; The University of Colorado Library; and photographs from Stock Imagery; Four by Five, Inc.; and The Stock Broker.

Special Acknowledgement

Goes to John Byron for his dedication to this project. John's perseverance, loyalty, attention to detail, and artistic ability, were a constant inspiration to all those who have worked on this labor of love.

The use of photos from the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO) does not state or imply the endorsement by NOAO, or by any NOAO employee, of any individual, philosophy, commercial product, process, or service.
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