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A Conceptual View Of The Master Universe

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The Superuniverses
Space levels

The Seven Superuniverses

These charts depict the cosmological structure of the superuniverses. The upper triangle shows the names and numbers of the major administrative divisions within the seven superuniverses. The lower triangle depicts the divisions within one superunivese.

The seven superuniverses surround the Havona worlds, which in turn, surround Paradise. The superuniverses and Havona constitute the Grand Universe.

This simplified conceptual chart of the universe illustrates the astronomic and administrative layout of the universe. At least two major problems exist in using this chart to depict the universe.

First, the physical astronomic pattems are evolving. Symmetrical lines do not accurately represent the true rough-edged patterns of creation.

Second, there exists great error in using this conceptual view to estimate size. The outer space levels are so large that the Havona worlds and the seven superuniverses would fit into the fourth outer space level as a grain of sand would fit into a city the size of Paris. Nonetheless, the chart does give a feel for the way in which the universe is governed.

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