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Were there humans on earth before Adam and Eve?

Q: Were there humans on earth before Adam and Eve during the first earth age of creation—day 6 of the creation period?

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Most people have been taught that Adam was the first human being, and that he was created by God on the spot, out of the clay of the earth. Later on it is said that Eve was fashioned out of one of Adam's ribs. Of course, we recognize this story from the Bible book of Genesis, and it has long been taken as literal fact by those who believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, despite the story's several inconsistencies.

The Urantia Book offers us a quite different—and entirely more plausible—account of the origins of Adam and Eve, as well as the story of creation. You can read the story in its entirety HERE

To answer your question though—yes, there were humans on earth before Adam and Eve. The legends of creation had their origins as a result of the first seven days that Adam and Eve spent on the planet after their arrival. You can read more about it HERE. The arrival of these two supermortal beings was such an astounding event to the primitive inhabitants of earth that their every move in that first week inspired legends that persist to this day.

The first human beings were evolved over many millenia of development, and appeared suddenly in a family of simians. From this very humble beginning this twin pair, named Andon and Fonta, left the family of their origins and struck off on their own to start the human race. By the time Adam and Eve arrived, thousands of years later, there were many human beings on the planet. Adam and Eve were sent as the second of five epochal revelations of God to mankind. Their mission was to be the physical and spiritual upstepping of the then-existing primitive races of mankind. Their mission was not wholly successful, however, due to the default of both Eve, and then Adam, in their sacred trust.

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